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  • Spring haze "春霞"

    udon - コメント(0) - トラックバック(0) - 2016/05/05

    I walked Osaka Castle early morning in consecutive holidays.The daytime is hot like summer, but the morning and evening is chilly.If wind is no strong at such condition, the sky clouds thin.This is called a spring haze.I went home, and made Udon.Already how many months old wasn't I also making it?Udon just boiled is cooled for cold water.Next the extra water is taken by Zaru and it's heaped on Don...

  • Beautiful noodles of Japan, "Udon"

    udon - コメント(0) - トラックバック(0) - 2014/04/20

    There are the noodles "Udon" in Japan.The noodles are pure white or light yellow and It has skillful gloss, when boiled. Generally, a noodle does not have a taste in itself and eats in many cases, pouring deep sauce. Of course, it is delicious even if "Udon" adopts such how to eat, but "Udon" itself is delicious. Therefore, it adds a little raw soy sauce, or is put into light taste soup and eaten...

  • Kitsune-Udon

    udon - コメント(0) - トラックバック(0) - 2005/05/11

    “Kitsune-Udon”. It is the one that "Abura-Age"(the fried bean curd ) boiled with the soy sauce and sugar was put on a normal noodle.  “Kitsune” is a fox. Similarly, there is a menu "Tanuki(Asian racoon)", too. However, this is different in the menu in Kansai and Kanto.    The one that the fried bean curd was put on Udon is called "Kitsune" in ...

  • Breakfast this morning ," Udon"

    udon - コメント(0) - トラックバック(0) - 2005/05/07

    These are "Bukkake Udon" The Udon that boils up is washed in cold water, and it puts it in the bowl"Donburi". A little thick soup is put, and the topping does the Welsh onion, ginger, and the wakame seaweed, etc. My children like this Udon that does the "Tenkasu" in the topping. Gochisou-sama !...

  • The noodle will be made tomorrow.!

    udon - コメント(2) - トラックバック(0) - 2005/05/06

    My younger brother's family will come to play in my home tomorrow. Therefore, I will make the noodle for them....

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